WOW Gold Reviews And Other Ways To Make Money For The Game.

Want to buy World of Warcraft gold? Check out our WOW gold reviews for the best places to buy gold!

I have found lots of good places to buy World of Warcraft gold and I highly recommend the sites listed below. is a very good site on the Internet that has WOW gold reviews made by customers on sites that sell wow gold. also has a ranked list of what it considers the best places to buy World of Warcraft gold. Please note purchasing some services such as powerleveling your character increases the chance that your account will be banned due to the IP that your account is being accessed threw. Just buying currency in the game usually does not carry much risk but please stick with trusted gold sellers, it will reduce your risk. One thing I recommend you never do is never give your password out to anyone who is trying to sell you gold.

Top Gold Selling Websites World Of Warcraft:

Here is a list of sites to buy wow gold and how I rank them, please see these WOW gold reviews if you want more information. These are well known sites so feel free to use the links below to buy game currency or services.

    Buy gold from BankofWOW   Buy gold from Guy4Game   Buy gold from EpicToon
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*BankofWOW has an "always cheapest policy" they state on their home page but this is not always the case. They check prices of sites they have on their list as being reputable (they would not provide me with this list) and match prices against those sites every 30 minutes. BankofWOW will not how ever match the price that customers bring to them if they find gold cheaper. I do not consider this to be in line with the 'always cheapest' policy they state on their home page and I am trying to get them to be more transparent about what their policy actually is. Now that being said the price they offer on wow gold often the best you will find out there and they are a very good company to deal with.

WOW News:

The demon hunter has now been released with the new expansion and the 7.1 expansion is live on Oct 25th.

WOW gold reviews? Review, Review, Review, EpicToon Review, IGE Review, RPGtrader Review was added a few years ago and had been performing very well during that time but the company went down hill so I removed them from my site. I have been keeping my eye on them over time and they are now involved in a lawsuit with Microsoft for click fraud and their .com domain has been taken down because of it. They are now using as their main domain. There are also many complaints by customers due to customers are not receiving wow gold orders on time or not at all. I highly recommend that you do not use wowmine.

I had removed IGE from the site due to issues over a year ago but they have since improved and I can once again recommend using them. Not only did IGE do well enough to appear back on the list it was even ranked first for a while due to very good prices plus good customer service and delivery time. Recently the price of gold has gone up a bit in comparison to the others so I can no longer keep it ranked as high until prices improve again. I highly recommend this company as a good WOW gold seller.

I have removed two other companies in the past from my list, and I had complaints that the affiliate program for had ceased to exist or that the company was sold. I tried to contact them, sent them several emails and have gotten no response to date. I talked to them in live chat they said they would have someone contact me they did not. I recommend not using until I know more, I hope I hear back from them as they were the a very good company. Tekgaming also had a affiliate issue but I believe the issue is not corrected.

Other ways to get WOW gold?

It does not take a lot of effort to get gold for the game it just takes investing some time. There are 6 main ways to get gold:

  • Gathering skills
  • Trade skills
  • Daily Quests/Quests
  • Grind Areas for drops(pets etc that can be sold on AH)
  • Grinding Out Instances(if you are a healer or tank, other classes can have a longer wait time getting into instances)
  • Play the Auction House
  • Buy it. Read the WOW gold reviews above and pick the company that offers the services you need.

Well now that Cataclysm is here money is not as hard to find as it use to be. The gathering professions allow you to make a lot of money in a short period of time. The cost of items from the 1-90 content also is higher as people need metal and herbs for leveling skills and do not want to farm old areas. If you gather or farm any it is not hard to gain gold at a descent rate. Every patch that comes out also adds things you can craft, items, new daily quests and such that can do/sell that will make you more gold.

Until you get to level 100 the best thing I can suggest for gaining gold is just to do every quest you can while leveling and gather metal or herbs. Blizzard made an insane amount of quests and they are usually pretty easy and the gold rewards are really nice. You will gain over 10000 gold just buy doing all the quests as you level. I would not spend the time while leveling to work up skills like alchemy or tailoring, they are a time sink and a money sink that could be used elsewhere.

The rate you will gain gold will really take off when you have an epic flying mount and can scout for herbs or mining nodes at a very fast pace due to the mounts fast speed. I myself use my mount to look for mining nodes, mine them, blacksmith them into armor, send them to be DE'd and then sell the components on the auction house, or at least I use to until they nerfed that :)

Play the auction house. Gems, enchanting supplies, potions, herbs, metals, and many more items have high values. Get to know average prices and when something is being sold low buy it and resell for a bit more. If you are brave buy out an category and try to pump up the price; this is something that can burn you if you do not know the market and supply of the items out there so be careful.

Professions that are good for gathering gold so far:
  • Herbalism
  • Mining (the newest ore is very easy to get but does not sell for much, ore from other expansions is worth a lot more)
  • Skinning
  • Alchemy

Professions that are very costly right now:

  • Jewel crafting - Once you have high skill it is a good money generating profession. Mining and jewel crafting are a good combination as prospecting the ore you find usually yields high end gems. The gems you get you can then cut and sell for some nice coin on auction house.
  • Blacksmithing - Costs the most of any skill to level but once you have it leveled and get some nice plans from dungeons you can make some very good money from it.
  • Enchanting (expensive to get up but disenchanting items can be more valuable than selling them) -You can make money from enchanting items, enchanting vellums or just DE'n items and selling the components. It can make you a lot of gold if you are watching the AH to see what enchants are selling for a lot. It can take a lot of time and money to level it and sometimes some of the enchants can be hard to get but it is worth getting.
  • Inscribing - It use to cost a lot to learn all of the glyphs by buying the glyph books but the glyph books are pretty cheap right now on the AH. The cost of glyphs are not extremely high but you can still make money from this skill you just have to watch the AH to see what glyphs are selling for. Some people try to make their money from decks but this is a waste of money as it costs you more for the inks to make decks than what you can sell them for, unless you are very lucky. Some people just like to gamble.

For more information on other places to buy wow gold check out

About The Site Links Reviews of Gold Sites Contact Me This site is a very good place to buy WOW gold. I re-added this site and I am very impressed with how they have improved. IGE is the oldest MMORPG gold selling company on the Internet they have regained a good reputation now they they have new ownership. Check them out!

Bank of WOW The site doesn't look the most pleasing to the eye they match the best prices out there. Bank of WOW also has a nice affiliate service that offers a high percentage on the sales that are made. They have a high minimum you have to sell before they pay out though, so unless you think you are going to sell a lot of their gold you may not want to be an affiliate of theirs. Very nice site, lots of options. This site has specials on all the time and you can even purchase gift certificates. I highly recommend them!

Looking for site where you can buy leveling guides, class guides or gold guides? Check out As this site has not been around very long but it lists the best guides out there to buy for making gold, leveling and class guides.