IGE Reviews

IGE Review

Price for 50,000g on Lightning's Blade(Alliance) $81.18 (Oct 21st, 2013)
Price for 50,000g on Lightning's Blade(Horde) $81.18

*Sample price taken from Lightning's Blade US Server

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IGE is a very good MMORPG currency provider and has been around for longer than any other gold selling company.  They have bought out a lot of different gold selling companies to try to monopolize the WOW gold industry in the past. A lot of the gold companies maybe IGE without you even knowing it.  I did not use IGE for a long time as they did not have a good reputation and because of an ingame spam incident. The reputation of the company has changed a lot over time and a lot of it has to do with it coming under new management. The price IGE sells online currency is often very competitive and provide it for many different games. Currently the price they sell gold is higher than most places so I have removed them from the top listings.

I had a lot of good experiences with this company in the past, I just do not have them listed now due to this higher price they sell gold at.



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