Bank Of WOW Gold Review

BankofWOW Review

*Price for 500,000g (Alliance) $70.87 (Apr 20th 2017)
*Price for 500,000g (Horde) $70.88
*Sample price taken from random US server

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BankofWOW is, hands down, the best place to buy World of Warcraft gold for the price. This WOW gold site does not have a lot of features but they do excel at one thing, selling World of Warcraft gold at the best price you will find. They have a cheapest price guarantee so you can expect prices to be lower than you will find elsewhere. They are all about selling gold and offer no other services (well except for a WOW game guide).

Reasons to buy from BankofWOW:

buy from Bank of Wow
  • Bank of WOW has the best price on WOW gold on the internet!
  • This company has been around for a long time and has a good reputation. This can be confirmed by reading other World of Warcraft gold reviews ...usually they will have very good things to say about this site.
  • The delivery times are usually very good, but this often depends on the stock of gold they have on hand with the server in question.
  • Customer support is very good. They have phone support, live chat, order tracking and a spot where you can write them messages on the site.
  • The other thing they do well is affiliate services. You can make more than 12% for anyone you refer to them to sell gold.

Reasons not to buy from BankofWOW:

  • The only reason I would not buy from them is if I needed another service they do not offer such as powerleveling or reputation grinding. offer gold at the best price you will find but offer little else. This is not a reason not to buy gold from them but the reason why they can sell gold at such a low price. I have no complaints I can make about BankofWOW.
  • Transparency with reguards to their 'always cheapest' policy. If a customer brings a lower price to their attention they will not match the price. What BankofWOW does is not 'always cheapest', they only match their price automaticly (updated every 30 minutes) against companies they have on a list of theirs as being reputable.

To sum it up:

In conclusion, I have to give a very high WOW gold review. Most people only buy World of Warcraft gold and this company does offer the best price on World of Warcraft gold you will find. I have received only one complaint about them in the last 12 months. The only thing I can say bad about them is that they are a specialized company, so if you are looking for something other than buying WOW gold, then you should look at Guy4Game.

History:(from Sept 15th - ~Oct 20th 2008) - Bank of WOW was engaged in a PayPal review that took quite a long time to resolve. During that period the price of gold on their site spiked to almost 2 times the market standard. Now that the review has been completed the price of gold is now back down to the best in the market again. This issue has not happened again.

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