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We have been around for about 3 years now now and do have a few nice resources we would like to share with you.

  • Rogue Builds - A listing of talent builds for rogues
  • Death Knight Builds - A listing of talent builds for WOW Death Knights
  • - Another WOW Gold Site
  • - A World of Warcraft Guide Site.
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    Good places to buy gold This site is a very good place to buy WOW gold. I re-added this site and I am very impressed with how they have improved. IGE is the oldest MMORPG gold selling company on the internet they have regained a good reputation now they they have new ownership. Check them out!

    Bank of WOW The site doesn't look the most pleasing to the eye they match the best prices out there. Bank of WOW also has a nice affiliate service that offers a high percentage on the sales that are made. They have a high minimum you have to sell before they pay out though, so unless you think you are going to sell a lot of their gold you may not want to be an affiliate of theirs. Very nice site, lots of options. This site has specials on all the time and you can even purchase gift certificates. I highly recommend them!

    Looking for site where you can buy leveling guides, class guides or gold guides? Check out WarcraftGameGuides.comAs this site has not been around very long but it lists the best guides out there to buy for making gold, leveling and class guides.

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