EpicToon Gold Review

EpicToon Review

*Price for 50,000g (Alliance) $77.47 (Oct 21st, 2013)
*Price for 50,000g (Horde) $77.47
*Sample price taken from Lightning's Blade US Server

EpicToon Promo Code: NA

EpicToon is a popular Gold seller trusted for its fast and secure deliveries. I have bought from them and never felt safer anywhere else - they guided me every step of the way and assured me with a full money back guarantee. Prices are very reasonable given the quality of service you get, which includes round-the-clock English speaking customer support.

Reasons to buy from EpicToons:

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  • Security – The EpicToon website keeps you safe from all forms of hacking and keylogging while order Gold. There’s a wide variety of payment options available and all your confidential information is protected. Even your e-mail address is kept spam-free.
  • User-friendly website – The website is one of the coolest we’ve seen based on graphics and layout. Navigation and purchase is a breeze. No eyesore fonts and neon colors used anywhere on the site. Plus you can order Gold in three steps.
  • Full money back guarantee – Never had the urge to try this yet since I’ve always been satisfied. But the customer service staff I talked to was accommodating when I told him I was planning to get my money back. A good sign that this isn’t just an empty promise.
  • Minimal negative feedback – Did not find major complaints on fraud, scams, or theft. Slow deliveries happened during patch days, which is consistent among all Gold sellers. Customer service was quick to respond in most cases.

Reasons not to use EpicToon:

  • They do not offer power leveling services.
  • Not the absolute cheapest wow gold site but they do have coupon promotions and other discounts that are given out during holidays and new patches.

To sum it up in my EpicToon Review:

EpicToon has a lot of things going for it. I found their service very professional and deserving of my trust. Buying Gold from them is a very pleasant experience from the first time I browsed their website up to the time I began asking questions to their customer support. Gold prices are just a tiny bit higher but I expected it given the quality of service. If you’re looking for a safe and dependable seller, EpicToon is your choice.

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