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Guy4Game Review

*Price for 500,000g (Alliance) $81.39 (Apr 20th 2017)
*Price for 500,000g (Horde) $81.40
*Sample price taken from random US server

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Is Guy4Game a great World of Warcraft gold site? I have read a lot of World of Warcraft gold reviews about this company and used them for a long time, they are by far the best rounded company I have dealt with. Guy4Game has promotional offers, WOW gold sales, powerleveling, honor leveling, reputation leveling, arena points leveling and many other features you will not find on any other gold sellers site. They offer these additional services and still have very good pretty good prices.

Reasons to use Guy4Game:

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  • Customer support for Guy4Game is very good and includes phone, live chat, email and mailing address. I often hesitate to deal with companies without an email address or a phone number. I like that they have so many contact methods as I like to be able to easily contact a company if I have questions or issues.
  • Price- They are almost the best company you will find for price. BankofWOW still sells gold at a better price buy you will find that Guy4Game is often very close to having the same price as them.
  • Services- This company offers almost anything you can think of including: gold, badges, powerleveling experience, reputation, honor, arena points, trade skills, gathering arena points/honor/badges to get you gear and much more.
  • Reputation- This company has a very good reputation and has been selling currency and services for the gaming community for a long time. Currently they supply currency and or services to 14 MMORPGs.

Reasons not to use

  • They do not purchase gold or game accounts from players.
  • Not the absolute lowest for price for gold but often close.

To sum up my review of Guy4Game:

I could say a lot more about this company but everything I have to say about them is good. is a very solid company and if you choose to use them to buy gold or powerlevel, I believe you will be very pleased with them. I have had next to no complaints about Guy4Game from anyone that has used them. The only thing this company does not have is a low price guarantee, so if you are looking to make a large purchase of WOW gold, you may want to consider using BankofWOW instead and you will find information on them on my main WOW gold review page.

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