*Price for 500000g (Alliance)NA(Mar 16th 2012)
*Price for 500000g (Horde) NA
*Sample price taken from Lightning's Blade US Server

RPGTrader.com WOW Gold Review :

This company use to be Team-VIP and this is the new website was moved to. Team-VIP was a good gold seller about 2 years ago and then fell off the radar. When they setup this site they it took a very long time for it to be fully completed. I have no feedback as to how this site is doing currently. I had stopped using this site a long time back as the page was not completed and I could not get any communication back from the company as to its status. The site does look like it is selling gold at good price now and the site now seems to be functional at least. If anyone does buy from them please email me feedback, I would like to get an idea how this company is doing again.

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