GameUSD Gold Review


GameUSD Review

*Price for 500,000g (Alliance) $71.00 (Apr 20th 2017)
*Price for 500,000g (Horde) $71.00
*Sample price taken from Lightning's Blade US Server

GameUSD Promo Code: wgf30
Discount: $5 off purchase

Since 2005 GameUSD has been selling game currency for many MMO's. GameUSD has a good reputation and good prices. They have a 95.7% customer satisfaction rating and you can read customer reviews at

Reasons to buy from GameUSD:

buy from Bank of Wow
  • Price – The price on WOW gold is very good. There is a higher price point if you want gold faster.
  • Customer Service – Good customer service and a phone number you can also call for support.
  • Delivery Time – If they have the gold in stock you have the option of purchasing gold at a slightly higher price with a 1-30 minute delivery time.

Reasons not to use GameUSD:

  • Delivery Time – It can take up to 2 days to recieve your WOW gold if you purchase it at the lower price.

To sum it up in my GameUSD Review:

GameUSD is a very good place to buy gold for WOW or currency for other games. I found their service very professional and deserving of my trust. They have good prices, good customer service and have a fast delivery option. Gold prices are a little higher if you want the gold right away but besides that this is a very good company I highly recommend.

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