WOWMine Gold Reviews


Price - Not even going there, stay away from these guys.

I had added this company to my page about three years ago and it was a good company for a short while to deal with at that time for most people. WOWMine use to have good prices and a good reputation but that had changed! I had reports of people waiting a long time for orders or not receiving their orders at all. Also there were reports that when people had canceled orders with WOWMINE they had been threatened with collection agencies and notifying Blizzard that that they had bought gold in attempt to get them banned. Nice eh?

After went down went up and it looks like it is the same company. Other sites say that they do not believe they are the same company so to find out I went to and asked them on live chat.


I suppose there is always a chance they misunderstood the question or are pretending to be the other company but from this it seems like it is in fact with a new face. This livechat was done on April 28th, 2011.

I would recommend not using at this time, even though Alice Alice was very nice.



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